Obelisk Plain Sm - 2 Pack

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    The Obelisk Set is a great addition to any ones terrain collection. Modular customizable and stackable this obelisk set will be just the piece you need for most tomb set ups. You will not be disappointed with this product, this is one of many high quality products we provide at low cost to you our gamer friends. This piece of gaming terrain is made using our 3D printer with ABS plastics. The printing process gives a highly detailed finish and a top quality product.

The product specifications: The obelisks are printed in a in several stackable pieces. Glue is up to you as the modeler.

Small obelisk





 3 5/8"










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Please Note:

  • All miniature figures in the product picture are not included with the product.
  • Miniatures figures in the product picture were not made by HC3D_\!/_
  • This product is printed using ABS plastic,
  • Although we aim to print in grey or white  the base material color may vary from print to print
  • Modular Obelisk by Tothe is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. And can be found at thingivers.com thing #87008