Tech Battle Line

  • $45.00

Tech Battle Line the work in progress. Here it is the newest in modular magnetic defensive line terrain. I have many more piece types and multi leveled ideas in the works. Having a rock solid magnets set up other styles of lines are to come witch will be interchangeable with any and all HC3D defensive line terrain. As this is still a new work in progress I will continue to refine out master files to provide you the gamer with the best possible product.

To start their are 2 base sets and all pieces are available individually. All 3x1mm disc magnets are included. Please take care to install magnets properly they are a pain to remove once glued in. I recommend a light sanding and or acetone smoothing before you prime and paint. I will be post a video this week on best ways to smooth out print lines and install magnets.Till then if you have any questions feel free to email, call or message me on Facebook any time. As I always want you to know full well what your getting.

You will not be disappointed with this product, this is one of many high quality products we provide at low cost to you our gamer friends. This piece of gaming terrain is made using our 3D printer with ABS plastics. The printing process gives a highly detailed finish and a top quality product.


     We try and maintain our stock levels of all our products but some are more in demand than others. If we do not have the amount of stock you require please feel free to message us requesting what is required. We can accommodate and orders you may have that have superseded our shown stock levels. But please note, although we will take on any sized order, we are only a small company and the larger the order is, a greater amount of time will be need to complete the transaction. Remember at Horizon Creation 3D we offer a whole range of products for all your scenery needs, produced at the highest quality and a low price.


Thanks for looking and happy gaming from Horizon Creation 3D _\!/_


Please Note:

    • All miniature figures in the product picture are not included with the product.
    • Miniatures figures in the product picture were not made by HC3D_\!/_
    • This product is printed using ABS plastic,
    • Although we aim to print in grey or white  the base material color may vary from print to print
    • Tech Battle Line is a Horizon Creation 3D Custom Design.